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Another planting day along the same lines as the one in November took place on Wednesday 17 December 2014 in perfect weather conditions. Rotarians, once more helped by Periodic Detention Workers, increased the planting at Ration Creek. The light cloud cover gave protection from the sun and the low tide, and lack of wind made planting conditions ideal. 

Loading plantsIn less than two hours 600 sea rush were loaded onto a truck, transported to Ration Creek, unloaded and moved to the planting areas. This time the younger members of the team did the carrying and placing of plants in the holes dug Ron Lucas boring holesmost quickly and efficiently by Ron Lucas with this post-hole borer. The older Rotarians had the light tasks of cutting and removing the planting bags.

The whole group enjoyed a social half hour over lunch back at the nursery in Gray’s Road. With the methodology refined it is likely over one thousand plants will be planted next time. 


Another Successful Planting Day

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