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As with any project or structure there is always on-going maintenance, and Te Ara Piko is no different.

.A re-decking project has been undertaken on Te Ara Piko over the last few weeks due to deterioration of the macrocarpa planking used on the approaches to a bridge over a tributary to the Horokiri Stream.  Other small bridges are also affected, and there are two more which will be attended to next year. Ron Lucas and Peter Lillico were the principal workers with help from some others.  It was a challenging job in order to keep the pathway open at all times but users on the pathway were very accommodating when they had to wait a moment for the gap to be filled for them to walk or ride on by, and there was many a joke and a laugh as well as favourable comments. It is a popular pathway for people to get their exercise and some locals who use it on a daily basis enjoyed a friendly conversation with the volunteer deckers. Following on from the replacement of the timbering, the plastic non-slip mesh has also been replaced. Nothing is wasted either, because Peter de-nails the old decking and cuts it up for firewood which provides a source of funding for Plimmerton Rotary Club projects.

Speaking of funding, Mana Community Grants Foundation, now known as Trust House Foundation, has just given the pathway project $100,000.00 for the bridge over the Kakaho Stream in the next section of Te Ara Piko. Construction on the pathway between Motukaraka Point and Camborne will commence this year (2016), and when it is completed in about three years people will be able circumnavigate the Pauatahanui Inlet (by using footpaths through Whitby on the southern side).

The counter on the path indicates over 100 people are using our wonderful amenity each day, so we are looking forward to the pathway’s extension beginning soon.

Te Ara Piko is a joint project between Plimmerton Rotary and Porirua City Council, and PCC has undertaken to provide its half of the funding over the next 3 years. Plimmerton Rotary has to raise over $1million and so far this year has put about $250,000 into its bank account through donations from Trusts and a very successful Garden Trail held in November. There is a hard working team of club members who are managing Plimmerton Rotary’s aspect of the pathway project including applying for and sourcing funds.

The club has a Givealittle site where donations can be made by supporters and users of the pathway. ‘Every Little Helps’.

Other pathway maintenance  includes trying to keep the weeds out of the plantings at Ration Point and this has been an on-going exercise with another team of dedicated volunteers from Plimmerton Rotary. Now mulch has been laid thickly to assist in the maintenance and the good looks of the area.

Bridge Matters

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