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How this multi-award project came about as a joint project between Plimmerton Rotary and Porirua City is an interesting and compelling story of what a sustainable vision and perseverance can achieve.

In 2005 the first work started on constructing the Te Ara Piko Pathway, which when completed, would fulfil the vision of having safe walking and cycling access around the unique and inspirational Pauatahanui Inlet. The idea was first raised in early Porirua City Council strategy work but it was not until Plimmerton Rotary grasped the vision and formed a partnership with Porirua City it began to happen. Due to its complexity, brought about by its crossing ecologically and environmentally sensitive land close to a busy road, the costs incurred so far (and projected) have been high. The monetary costs have been supported by innumerable volunteer hours. By 2013 the first major section is almost complete and this will mean access between the Pauatahanui Village and Motukaraka Point for walking and cycling. A presentation document, Te Ara Piko Pathway Project - An Enduring Vision' can be seen here. An Enduring Vision April 2014

How the Pauatahanui Inlet Has Inspired the Te Ara Piko Pathway

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